The Commando Community

One of the features of GetCommandoFit™ is the Commando Community. You can connect with recruits, share your progress, and encourage and support one another. You can participate in forums and live chats, create and join events, invite people and make new friends. Or join a team of like-minded individuals in our Squads feature.


I believe mental strength is key to staying fit and leading a healthy and happy lifestyle. It's years of military experience that drives this ethos. That's why community is extremely important to me. Everyone working together towards a common goal.

From this comes a strong sense of camaraderie. So we devloped a Squads feature, so you can join as a team to support each other; a community forum for you to connect and share your personal journey; and an events feature for you to run your own events and train together, make friends and encourage one another.



The Commando Community is a platform to connect, find new buddies, seek advice, and offer support and encouragement. We're all in this together.

  • Online community forums
  • Meet like-minded people 
  • 'My Diary' for daily diary entries
  • Downloadable PDF diary
  • Live chats with Steve and the GCF expert team
  • Ask questions and seek advice
  • Have ongoing conversations
  • Connect and share your journey


Working out doesn't have to be a solo exercise anymore. Create your own events or join events with people nearby and GetCommandoFit™ together. Whether you're just starting out, looking for a training buddy, or a seasoned CrossFit athlete looking for that extra bit of motivation, chances are there's others around you doing the same. 



Join the program and get exclusive access to photos, videos, training events and camps with Commando Steve. Prove to him how far you've come.

  • Create events and invite friends
  • Meet other like-minded participants 
  • Find nearby events that suit your workout plan
  • Join Commando Steve at training sessions and camps


Join with a group of friends

Join a Squad with your friends, co-workers, family or gym buddies and track your progress as a group. Got a competitive streak? Here's your chance to push it. Challenge other squads, gyms or sporting clubs to GetCommandoFit™ and compete in the squads competition ladder.

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