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At GetCommandoFit™ we believe nutrition underpins everything and we LOVE good food! Being healthy doesn't have to be boring. Our program is packed with easy to make, delicious and nutritious recipes. Our bodies are all different, so the GetCommandoFit™ nutrition program is unique for each of us. You'll love the variety and step-by-step guides and tips.


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Good nutrition is key to successful and progressive performance, training alone is not enough. If you want to succeed you must understand that this is not a diet! It's a complete lifestyle change that will support your healthy and active life.

It is our belief that you should enjoy each meal and that each meal should be as nutritious as possible. It's also fundamental when training that you fuel your body with the right foods. Just like when we train, discipline, self-control and the correct mind-set are vitally important. We believe that practice, consistency and patience are key elements of any nutrition plan.

The benefits of following the GetCommandoFit™ nutrition program go beyond physical performance. It’s about your overall health and wellbeing, forever.

Our philosophy is all about education, we want to teach you to look after your body so that it looks after you.

The GetCommandoFit™ nutrition program works on the simple principle of including good quality; proteins, fats and carbohydrates in each meal and snack, these are called Macronutrients. It's about wholefoods, meaning foods in their most natural state. Both meat eaters and vegetarians can expect to eat lots of good quality lean protein, good fats with beneficial anti-inflammatory properties, and an abundance of good carbohydrate vegetables high in antioxidants.

*Note. We have included a small amount of dairy and Mountain Bread wraps that contain gluten as a convenience item, but don't worry if you are lactose intolerant or gluten free, there is plenty of choice to swap out these recipes.

What you can expect:

  • Optimal body fat and lean muscle mass for your frame
  • Improvement in your physical appearance such as skin, hair and nails
  • More restful and rejuvenating sleep
  • Better mental clarity and brain function
  • Increased feeling of wellness and vitality
  • A more efficient digestive system
  • Better knowledge of food, nutrition and your own body's nutritional needs

We'll provide you with simple and easy to follow meal plans, recipes and shopping lists. You'll have access to an extensive nutrition library, we are also here to help and are happy to answer any questions you may have each week.

Meal Plan

Each week you'll receive a 7 day meal plan with recipes for every meal and snack. Shopping lists and checklists will help get you prepared. Our 'Get Ahead' and 'Stay Ahead' feature will help you keep organised and plan your weeks. You'll also have access to the whole recipe library from day one, so you can customise your meal plan. There is plenty of variety and choice.

Meal Plan

Enjoy something special

Experience meals from our team of celebrity chefs.

  • 12 weeks of 7 day meal plans
  • Easy to follow healthy recipes
  • Surprise celebrity chef recipes
  • Shopping lists for your electronic and mobile devices
  • Expert education on nutrition
  • Nutrition information library
  • Tips and videos

Download sample GetCommandoFit™ recipes

Chorizo Minestrone


Bacon & Mushroom Omelette


Chilli Con Carne CS Style


We have created 12 weeks of easy to follow recipes and meal plans.

Commando Steve

Fitness Trainer

We will educate you on nutrition, so you can make better eating choices.

Kelly Richardson

Get Commando Fit nutritionist

To achieve healthier eating, we’ll give you the right tips for planning and preparation.

Commando Steve

Fitness Trainer

Shopping Lists make it really easy to keep on top of healthy eating. Now you can shop quickly, and only for what you should be eating.

Individual results may vary. Good nutrition and exercise are essential to maintaining good health.

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